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Industry Overview

Agriculture in northeastern states is made up of an array of business types and sizes—some many generations established, others recent startups. While dairy reigns top in the industry, other ag operations, such as crop farms, livestock farms, vineyards, nursery and greenhouse businesses and many other ag-based businesses make up the economic engine that produces more than $100 billion in business activity in the Northeast. This requires over half of a million workers tackling a wide variety of tasks, many of which are inherently risky. To help keep them healthy, safe and productive, we have our work cut out for us.

*estimates from 2020 economic impact report released by Farm Credit East

Farm Safety Services

Through our center’s farm safety services programming, we’ve built relationships with a wide range of farm businesses and partnered with ag organizations throughout the Northeast. As a result, our services and programming stay relevant & responsive to the real and pressing needs of the industry and its workers.

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Farm Safety Trainings

The Northeast Center has been providing free trainings and consultations to farms of all sizes and types for over 30 years. We do not enforce regulations, but we will help you comply with them. Training topics are tailored to meet your farm’s exact needs—in person or online. Learn more about our broad range of training types, meet our team of safety educators, and sign up for a training.

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Featured Agriculture Projects
herd of cattle eating

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

r2p Incubator

A deer tick, waiting on a green leaf

Reducing Tick-Borne Disease Risk in the Agricultural Community

PTO Safety

Dairy Safety Nudging Project

Training for Trainers (NEASHC)

Chainsaw Safety Training

Safety Trainings

Farm Safety Services


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