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Because work should give us satisfaction and an income.

Not aches, pains or a trip to the ER.

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About Northeast Center

We work to identify actionable solutions so that ag, fishing and forestry workers can survive and thrive on the job — whether that work is a passion, a paycheck or a combination of both.

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Our Work Is Your Safety

Cost, flexibility and adaptability. These matter to us when we research and develop work-related health and safety solutions for the farming, forestry and fishing industries of the Northeast. Learn more about some of our innovative projects and programs.

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a view of Stonington Harbor

In the Wheelhouse: Empowering Fishermen Through Community Partnerships to Improve Health and Safety

Dr. Bill Field

r2p Incubator

choppy water in a new england harbor

Mental Health in Commercial Fishing

NEASHC Compass Logo

NEASHC Spring Meeting 2023

Jim Carrabba uses Mr. GoodEgg to demonstrate the dangers of tractors not equipped with a ROPS structure

Mr. Good Egg

A deer tick, waiting on a green leaf

Reducing Tick-Borne Disease Risk in the Agricultural Community

PTO Safety

Dairy Safety Nudging Project

Training for Trainers (NEASHC)

Sleep Deprivation at Sea

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Find personal protective equipment (PPE), tractor safety accessories and logging-specific protective gear at reduced prices in our catalog.

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