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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza - HPAI

Resources to help farmworkers stay healthy in the face of a zoonotic disease outbreak

The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (also known as Bird Flu, HPAI, or H5N1) crisis compounds the stress and uncertainty farm communities are already facing. The Northeast Center remains dedicated to the health and safety of those who work in our region’s agricultural industry through this challenging time. We have been communicating with partners in industry, government, and academia to provide key health and safety resources to farmers and keep everyone updated on relevant news.

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en español

Texas Health and Human Services

HPAI info from a consortium of agencies and universities in Texas

MCN Spanish and English

Additional resource out of Texas


NY Department of Health has Spanish language resources on HPAI

Video – Cornell Small Farms Program

A 3 min video from Cornell Small Farms Program in Spanish

Video – Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

An extended video from Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Spanish

Backyard Flock Recommendations has Spanish language resources on HPAI for backyard flocks

three chickens in a pasture

Poultry Resources

Biosecurity recommendations for poultry flock owners

The First 72 Hours

First 72 hours response action steps

Know what to do and stay informed about HPAI; click your state below to see local resources and stay ahead of this emerging situation!

State Specific Resources


CT DOH has information on avian flu, health care provider information and emergency response plans

CT DOA has information on detections in livestock, protecting birds and reporting suspect dead birds

UConn Extension offers articles about HPAI

The CVMDL has instructions on submitting samples to test HPAI in cattle.

Yale medicine has up-to-date information on Avian flu


Delaware Department of Public Health has information for the general public on HPAI and risk

DE DOA has information for general public and for poultry producers


The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has information about HPAI and its spread to humans

Update with information for poultry owners, risk factors and biosecurity info

Information from the Bangor Daily News about the evolving H5N1 situation


Maryland Department of Health has information about HPAI

Maryland Department of Department of Agriculture is collecting many resources related to HPAI

JHU provides a Q&A about HPAI

News update on how HPAI affects Marylanders


Information about HPAI from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture

Interview with Boston University expert on Avian Flu in Massachusetts

Boston Globe piece about Avian Flu in Massachusetts

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has information and links to CDC and USDA sites

Fact Sheet from University of New Hampshire Extension

New Hampshire Department of Agriculture and Markets Fact Sheet on HPAI

Coverage of HPAI in New Hampshire by WMUR

New Jersey

Coverage of HPAI as it affects farms in New Jersey

New York

HPAI information from the New York Department of Health

HPAI information from the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets

HPAI information in the state of New York

Webinar from Cornell Ag Workforce Development

Article outlining the HPAI situation in New York


Information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health

PA Gaming Commission has information about avian influenza

Penn State Extension has information about Avian Influenza, reporting, signs and symptoms, video links

Article from PFB

Rhode Island

RI DOH has information on the current HPAI infection situation in the U.S.

RI Dept of Environmental management has information on HPAI, summaries/ key takeaways, FAQ and links

RIFB is following the HPAI situation for the state of Rhode Island


VT Dept of Ag and Markets has information on avian influenza preparedness

An article from the VT Digger

West Virginia

WV DOH has a public health announcement about avian flu

WV Dept of Agriculture has a news update about avian influenza found in a backyard flock

Story from WSAZ 3 about the state’s efforts to prevent HPAI from reaching cattle

Do you know of a local or national resource that has been helpful to you? Let us know by contacting us today!