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r2p Incubator

Have an idea for a health or safety solution?

The Northeast Center is looking for ideas to reduce health and safety hazards in agriculture, forestry, and/or fishing (AgFF). We welcome farmers, loggers, commercial fishermen, researchers, and AgFF industry professionals to send us a proposal.

What we offer

The Northeast Center’s r2p Incubator will provide up to two years of funding ($10,000 per year) and advice in development, networking, marketing, distribution, and more to help bring clever technology, programs, or practices that improve safety and/or health for farmers, loggers, or commercial fishermen to the workplace. We’ll also connect you to additional resources and funding opportunities.

Eligibility and Important Dates

You must be a United States citizen residing in the United States to apply. There are no other eligibility requirements.

Application Deadline: 9/30/2023

Notification of Award: 11/1/2023

Project Start Date: 12/1/2023


You can either fill out the written form or submit a video for your r2p application below. Here is what you will need to include:

  • Brief bio and description of what you do
  • The health and/or safety problem in agriculture, forestry, or fishing that your idea addresses
  • What your idea is
  • Why you think it will work
  • Feedback you have received on your idea
  • What help you might need from the Northeast Center

Note: This is not a long application. Written responses to individual questions have 200-500 word limits, and videos should be 3-5 minutes. Please choose between the English and Spanish application options below:

Meet our Team

Liane Hirabayashi

Liane Hirabayashi

Project Coordinator

Leigh McCue-Weil, PhD

Incubator Chair

Pam Milkovich, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator

Julie Sorensen, PhD

Principal Investigator and Center Director


Contact the Northeast Center r2p Incubator Team at or call 800-343-7527.