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Study on sleep & health in commercial fishing gets featured by Alaska broadcaster

Northeast Center Director Julie Sorensen interviews with KFSK media in Petersburg, AK on the subject of sleep and health in the fishing industry during a recent research trip to Alaska.

The topic of sleep “debt” and how to manage its effects are the focal point of recent episodes in the Fishing Forward Podcast​–with both fishermen from a variety of fisheries and sleep science experts featured guests.

The podcast is a collaborative effort between the Northeast Center and Coastal Routes Radio at the UofGuelph Canada​ with Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, College of Public Health & Human Sciences – Oregon State University, Fishing Partnership Support Services, Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, SW Ag Center, and Local Catch Network.

Listen to podcast episodes or read transcipts at You can also find the Fishing Forward Podcast on most major streaming apps.

Find transcripts of the KFSK interview here.