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Be safe. Be seen in hi-vis vests.

As things get busy this spring, staying safe around farm equipment is an important topic to discuss with employees, new or experienced. Actions, however, can speak louder than words. If you have not outfitted your employees with high-visibility vests, now is a great time to start.

A person wearing high-visibility clothing is easier to spot from a distance, when working around large farm equipment, or at night.

Our safety education team has developed new training modules as more farms are now implementing hi-vis policies. A training for workers is available in English and Spanish, in person and via Zoom. The training for workers covers the “why” of hi-vis for preventing runovers, how to care for garments and a general review of the hazards of farm equipment, such as blind spots and stopping distance.

A training for managers includes more in-depth discussion of garment types, classes of hi-vis wear and suggestions for safety policies.

Both trainings can be combined with other safety topics and are appropriate for anyone who works with or near equipment. Call for more information or to schedule a training at 800-343-7527, or e-mail