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NEC Presents at WV Tethered Logging Demonstration

The Northeast Center recently had an opportunity to be a part of the program for WVU Safety & Health Extension’s first Tethered/Winch Assist Steep Slope Logging Demonstration and Training in Bruceton Mills, WV. An astonishing amount of information was shared about the safety aspects of this equipment and logging technique. Participants from around the world and across the United States and Canada gathered to learn about the safety and productivity aspects of three different systems: New Zealand’s Falcon Winch Assist, Austria’s T Winch, and Canada’s Timbermax Traction Winch. We not only presented our research there, but also watched the equipment in action, and had an in-person meeting with our friends and colleagues Pat Donnelly, Wayne Lundstrom, and Mark Fullen of the WVU Timbersafe program.



Erika Scott presents to attendees
Erika Scott and Pat Donnelly

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