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Staff Directory

Northeast Center Staff (alphabetical order)

Sue Ackerman, RN

Center Manager

Roles: Staff Management, Contracts, Occupational Health Nurse

Nicole Blanchard, DrPH, MPH

Data Systems Administrator

Roles: Research, Database Management, Data Systems Management

Pauline Boyer

Education/Outreach Coordinator

Roles: Trainings, On-Farm Safety Surveys, Chainsaw Safety, Events

Rosemary Brodersen

Administrative Assistant

Roles: Office Receptionist, Outreach Evaluation Data Collector, Youth Activities

Jim Carrabba,  MS

Agricultural Safety Specialist

Roles: On-Farm Safety Services, Surveys, Safety Training, OSHA Compliance Consulting, Agricultural Safety Outreach Education to the Farm Community, First Aid and CPR training, Agricultural Hazard Awareness for Rural Firefighters and EMS

Stephen Clark

Administrative Director

Roles: Grants Management, Business Analytics

Deb Dalton

Information Specialist

Roles: Literature Searches, Endnote, Library Services

Christina Day

Agricultural Safety Educator

Roles: Specializing in Youth Activities and On-Farm Safety Surveys; General Outreach Services

Maryellen Driscoll

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Roles: Content development and strategic planning for news, promotions and educational materials—print, web and video

Jessica Echard, MS

Research Coordinator

Roles: Lifejackets for Lobstermen Project, National ROPS Rebate Program, Sleep Deprivation Study in Fisheries Workers, Biomedical Anthropology and Qualitative Research

Rachel Eckert

Research Assistant

Roles: Sleep Deprivation Study in Fisheries Workers

José Flores

Occupational Health Technician

Roles: (Hablo español) Occupational Health Services, Respiratory Protection

Megan Goodspeed

Research Assistant

Roles: National ROPS Rebate Program, PTO Study

Judy Graham, RN

Occupational Health Nurse

Roles: Occupational Health Services, Lifejackets for Lobstermen Project, Occupational Injury Surveillance and Logger Health and Safety Study

Liane Hirabayashi, MA

Senior Research Coordinator

Roles: Maine Logger Health and Safety Study, Occupational Injury Surveillance, Lifejackets for Lobstermen Project, Organizational Development, Complex Systems Modelling

Paul Jenkins, PhD


Roles: Biometrics, Statistic Analysis, Clinical Research

Rebecca Meininger

National ROPS Rebate Program Hotline Coordinator

Roles: Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) Assistance to Farmers, Policy Advocacy, Research to Practice, Social Marketing, Occupational Health and Safety

Anna Meyerhoff

Senior Bilingual Agricultural Safety & Education Coordinator

Roles: (Hablo español) PPE, Occupational Health and Safety, Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers, Community-Based Participatory Research, Industrial Hygiene

Brian Quinn, MD

Medical Director

Roles: Occupational Medicine

Mandy Roome

Research Scientist

Roles: Lifejacket and Lobstermen project, Tick-borne disease research in AFF populations

Erika Scott, PhD

Deputy Director

Roles: Occupational Injury Surveillance, Maine Logger Health and Safety Study, Industrial Hygiene

Dahlia Sheehan-Yassin

Research Assistant

Roles: Personal Protective Equipment, Game of Logging, Farm Services, Dairy Safety Nudging Project

Julie Sorensen, PhD


Roles: Qualitative Research, Social Network Analysis, Social Marketing, Health & Human Behavior, Intervention Development, Occupational Health, Research to Practice

Pam Tinc, PhD

Research Scientist

Roles: Qualitative Research, Research Translation, Health and Human Behavior, Intervention Development, Occupational Health and Safety, Evaluation, Mental Health, National ROPS Rebate Program

Rebecca Weil, MS, OTR/L

Research Coordinator

Roles: Lifejackets for Lobstermen Project, Sleep Deprivation Study in Fisheries Workers, Occupational Health, Qualitative Research, Research to Practice, Occupational Therapy

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